The smart suitcase that won the title "Suitcase 007"

Samsara - the smart suitcase that won the title "Suitcase 007" goes out crowdfunding for the company's shares.

After the successful raising of over $ 350,000 through 'Kickstarter', the company has launched another round of fundraising, this time for the company's shares through innovative American regulation, enabling the raising of up to $ 1 million to start-ups.


Newsweek has not spared words on the world's first smart aluminum alloy suitcase. The magazine called the company "the James Bond 007suitcase ". A hint of some of the exceptional design features of the suitcase: smart elements such as an application, a charger, a light at the opening of the suitcase and a Bluetooth- based warning device.

The company was also praised by the website The Verge, considered one of the most prestigious in the world. In a short time the company sold more than 1000 suitcases during a mass funding campaign.

The creators of the suitcase, Israeli spouses in real life, came from the worlds of design and the local high-tech scene. This joint approach enabled them to create a new brand of luggage in a short period of time, one that caught the eye of consumers in the United States, such as leading television programs and sports leagues, who wanted to purchase suitcases for leading managers and players.

The company has taken advantage of the special momentum in public relations and has turned to additional fundraising, this time of shares, under the U.S. CF (Crowd Funding) regulation that allows US private companies to quickly raise up to $ 1 million with a reduced disclosure obligation. The idea behind the regulation is to allow special startups to target a large number of investors at relatively low amounts (a few thousand dollars per investor) in the early stages of the company in order to try to be the next "Facebook" or the next "Mobile Eye" without investing huge sums of money.

Adv. Shmuel Yanai, who specializes in investments in start-up companies in the new trading arena, explains that this is the first historic opportunity for the general public to invest without high risk because of the low investment amounts and at the same time develop expertise in investing in startups.

"Democracy met Capitalism in the United States and we benefit from that.

By the way, the Israeli authorities show readiness to enable low capital rising with a reduced disclosure obligation. A start-up without income that expresses only an idea that might succeed cannot be treated as an Israeli corporation. "

Samsara wants to raise an initial $ 1 million at a company value of $ 10 million to create a new generation of suitcases, mainly to support the huge demand for the product in the United States.

The investment, surprisingly, can also be made using credit cards. As we said, the future is here.

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What is equity or investment crowdfunding?

Equity or investment crowdfunding in today’s environment enables Accredited Investors to invest in companies fundraising on Crowdfunder and gain ownership, or a promise of future returns.

Unlike other earlier crowdfunding sites, which have restricted people to simple donations or the purchase of a product or reward, Crowdfunder allows you to become an investor/shareholder in a company.

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