How the Cavs can win the NBA finals this year

And how is this related to the Cavs former coach David Blatt?

The big question is can a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers have the potential to win the NBA Championship in 2018, and if YES:

How can they make it and how is all this related to their ex-coach David Blatt?

Three years ago David Blatt was appointed the Cavs coach, just after Maccabi Tel Aviv, trained by him, took the EuroLeague trophy. After LeBron James signed with the Cavs, Blatt asked his Maccabi Tel Aviv player - David Blu - to join as well. Blu, the European version of Stephen Curry, is considered to be one of the top three-point shooters in EuroLeague history.

Blu decline this request due to medical reasons as his knees weren't in the best shape and he quit the professional basketball arena.

Just recently Blu joined an Israeli-American Startup named "YOPI" that could tip the scales in favor of the Cavs and bring them the trophy this year - even without Blatt!

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The big challenge of the Cavs coach was to find the right timing for entering LeBron into the court and taking him out. Chasing Curry in defense left him breathless and his offense deteriorated. With YOPI – this could have been avoided!

YOPI is here to change the way people monitor body functionality during training and beyond. It is the only product that gives real-time indication on the person's Level of VO2 and VO2 max, which indicate oxygen consumption. It's a wearable device that can tell you at any given second your level of oxygen intake and once physical limits have been crossed, indicate a short break. This is a paradigm shift in wearable fitness monitoring technology for any avid sportsman, athlete and trainee.

YOPI is now raising capital using crowd funding platform WeFunder.

Revolutionary US CF III/IV game-changing regulations recently opened the door for the general public to invest in private companies at an early stage, before they go public. The entry level is as low as $200!

Just imagine - each fan could contribute an affordable amount and pave the way for his team to win!

About YOPI

YOPI is an innovative wearable technology that measures the users’ physical performance with an application that trains the user according to his or hers physiology parameters and goals. YOPI looks after the user's health and takes care of it.

YOPI is changing the world of health and fitness because YOPI is the only solution that measures real time VO2 oxygen consumption parameters during training without using any mask and without being connected to any wires.

In five years, YOPI is going to be a major player in the field of fitness and health worldwide. Anybody with YOPI will have the same health monitoring and personalized training regimen as the world's best professional athletes and sportsmen.

YOPI is made of:

  • Advanced Wearables. The biosensors in our wearable device measure a variety of bio-markers from the trainee’s sweat and skin.

  • Intelligent Algorithms. Data obtained from the biosensors provide real-time feedback of the user’s oxygen consumption.

  • Personalized fitness training. Then, the app instructs the user in real-time to speed up or slow down according to his or her current exertion to achieve short & long term goals.

YOPI has a patented working prototype. Funds will be used to finalize development and production; and there’s a bonus - the first investors who fund up to $200K of this fundraise will invest with much better terms - you need to act fast and invest today!


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What is equity or investment crowdfunding?

Equity or investment crowdfunding in today’s environment enables Accredited Investors to invest in companies fundraising on Crowdfunder and gain ownership, or a promise of future returns.

Unlike other earlier crowdfunding sites, which have restricted people to simple donations or the purchase of a product or reward, Crowdfunder allows you to become an investor/shareholder in a company.

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