Ideal Conceal - The “Cellphone Pistol”

Ideal Conceal, Inc. is a custom pistol manufacturing company. the inventors and patent pending holders of the gun known as the “Cellphone Pistol”.

In increasingly unpredictable times, where random violence and terrorism is on the rise, more people wish to be armed with a pistol they can easily carry to protect themselves and their families. The 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms - to protect themselves and their families.

But safety is of the utmost importance. When you carry a gun, you need be able to carry it easily, know how to operate it, and not cause alarm or distraction by having a large, barely concealed weapon.

Off duty police officers, realtors, hospital employees and more have expressed a need for a discrete gun that can be concealed even when wearing summer clothing like shorts and a t-shirt.

The solution is Ideal Conceal’s “Cellphone Pistol.”

The Cellphone Pistol folds up to resemble a smartphone - an ordinary item that everyone carries.

It’s a smart, safe alternative to the ordinary pistol and can be worn no matter how you dress. Light, tough, and more concealable than any other pistol on the market, only you will know that you have it with you. In its locked position it becomes virtually undetectable.

Hammer is hidden inside the pistol, makes it impossible to misfire by snagging the hammer on clothes or other objects.

This pistol also has a built in handle lock for safety when you're not carrying it.

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