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November 22, 2017

And how is this related to the Cavs former coach David Blatt?

The big question is can a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers  have the potential to win the NBA Championship in 2018, and if YES:

How can they make it and how is all this related to their ex-coac...

November 6, 2017

Samsara - the smart suitcase that won the title "Suitcase 007" goes out crowdfunding for the company's shares.

After the successful raising of over $ 350,000 through 'Kickstarter', the company has launched another round of fundraising, this time for the company's shares...

November 4, 2017

YOPI is the first digital personal health and fitness instructor that combines an intelligent personal training applications using machine-learning algorithms with cutting-edge proprietary biosensors.

YOPI measures Oxygen consumption on-line from the user’s body, usin...

September 6, 2017

 Ideal Conceal, Inc. is a custom pistol manufacturing company.  the inventors and patent pending holders of the gun known as the “Cellphone Pistol”.

In increasingly unpredictable times, where random violence and terrorism is on the rise, more people wish to be arme...

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Axe Y Capital is an Israeli based fund that specializes in equity crowd funding companies, with main focus on the crowd funding title iii CF and reg A+. 
Our fund looking to invest in companies that has B2C products or life saving products in the defense world. 

What is equity or investment crowdfunding?

Equity or investment crowdfunding in today’s environment enables Accredited Investors to invest in companies fundraising on Crowdfunder and gain ownership, or a promise of future returns.

Unlike other earlier crowdfunding sites, which have restricted people to simple donations or the purchase of a product or reward, Crowdfunder allows you to become an investor/shareholder in a company.


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